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  • No. 1 – Life in the Raw

    We hear it all the time. “You’re old enough for that now.” “You’re an adult now.” “Figure it out yourself, you’re a big girl.”

    Okay…Maybe that is true. I mean, I am twenty-five. I have a husband. I have a full time job that counts toward my career. I have my own life.

    But still, I like when my parents invite me over for dinner on Sunday evenings. I like getting “I love you, good night” text messages from them as if they’re a digital tuck-in. I like when I lay on my 77 year old grandmother’s lap so she can play with my hair and scratch my back with her freshly manicured nails. No one does it like her. I like when my Papa calls me Tutter, my childhood nickname, or when my dad calls me Jessi Belle, another childhood nickname. I like–actually, love–all of these things. I like being babied.

    So, you can imagine the shock and awe that I faced when I recently found out I’m pregnant. Excuse me, what? We’ve only been married for four months. I still feel as though I am a child. How am I supposed to care for another human being when I enjoy eating cereal on the couch for dinner? Oliver (my lucky* husband) is gone routinely for work, and when he’s gone I feel like I’m in college again. Just me, my routine, my dog, the couch and a bowl of cereal. And friends. And wine.  It’s great. And now, that is gone. Now, I have to plan to have another human being right beside me 24/7. Not only is this human being going to be beside me, but it will depend on me for everything. I am it’s life. What?

    Fast forward two months to the current, and things really are not as bad as I painted out in the previous paragraph. I am growing more and more excited everyday. It’s still really foreign to me, though. It is crazy how things you never thought you would think about pass through your head. What kind of stroller do I get? Where will the nursery be? What will the nursery look like? Instead of researching the latest fashion trends, I find myself researching the most effective bassinet and the best breast pump. No. Words.

    I’ve contemplated starting this blog for over a year now, and I think this recent life shocker was the push that I needed.

    Now that you understand my current life situation, you will understand the premise behind this blog.

    This blog will serve as a platform of normalcy. I will stay true to myself and my followers. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on some of my favorite things with you. I’ll share pieces I find that are wardrobe must-haves. I’ll share my favorite kitchen must-haves and recipes I love (drinks, too). If I find a piece of furniture or decor for my house that I can’t get enough of, it will most likely appear on here. And lastly, I plan to share all of my travel adventures with you…places to stay, favorite restaurants (since we are total foodies), favorite wines, different sites to see, shops, etc.

    In a life that is ever changing and very new, this will be a place of consistency. A place to channel feminine flare (and some baby love)!




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